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NEOA Membership Listserv

The NEOA membership listserv allows NEOA members to distribute email messages to other NEOA personnel around the region. This electronic mailing list is intended for NEOA members, and you must be a subscriber to send messages to the list.

To subscribe to the NEOA membership listserv, send an email to To unsubscribe, send an email to

  1. Once you're successfully subscribed,
  2. Create a blank message, and add a subject
  3. Address it to
  4. Compose your message in the usual way
  5. Send in the usual way & it will be distributed

NEOA Board Members Listserv

The address of the NEOA board members mailing list is Only board members may send messages to this list. For more information about the NEOA Board of Directors, please visit the Board of Directors page.

NEOA Grant Proposal Listserv

NEOA hosts a mailing list for discussion of current grant proposals. The address of this list is To join the list, send an email to, or email NEOA Technology Chair Casey Henderson at To leave the list, send an email to When posting a comment to this list, please indicate your program in the subject, so subscribers can filter or disregard messages that are not relevant. This list is re-used for each proposal-writing competition. For more information about this list, please contact the NEOA President or the Technology Chair.

NEOA Leadership Institute Listserv

NEOA also maintains an electronic mailing list for Leadership Institute participants. For more information about the NEOA Leadership Institute, please visit the Leadership Institute web page.

Listserv Reminders

If you are a subscriber to any of the NEOA electronic mailing lists, please keep these friendly reminders in mind:

  • All of our lists are intended for current NEOA members. For more information about NEOA membership, please visit the membership page.
  • You must be a subscriber to send messages to any of our mailing lists. To join one of our mailing lists, please contact the NEOA President or the Technology Chair.
  • Our mailing lists are for announcements and discussion about TRIO programs and educational opportunity in New England. Please do not send messages that are "off-topic", and please do not send advertisements for paid products or services to the mailing list. Advertisements for TRIO job postings are acceptable.
  • When sending messages to the NEOA membership mailing list, please keep in mind that replies will go directly to the person who sent the message rather than the entire list. If you think your reply may be useful to other NEOA members, be sure to send your reply to the entire list (address your message to
  • Replies to messages on NEOA mailing lists other than the membership list will go to the respective list by default. If you wish to send a reply to a specific subscriber on those lists, please check the recipient information when you send your email.

Any problems, or questions about the mailing lists? Contact Casey Henderson (

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